Farm to Glass


We have all heard of Farm to Table right, well here at the brewery we take that a couple steps further. 

Always looking to source local ingredients, from hops at Hazelton Hops Farm, to blue berries from the alpine meadows or rose hips from the river valley, we pride ourselves on using these and other unique ingredients found right here in our backyard. These are thing things that make our beers special and connect us to the valley we live in.

After your beer has been brewed and flowing from our taps you might wonder what happens to left over grains? We are lucky enough to have a great with relationship with a local farmer and all of our grains are delivered same day to feed her livestock. Everything from pigs to chickens to cows get to benefit from the beer your drinking. These grains have great nutritional value for these animals once they get a taste its sometimes hard to get them to eat their regular feed!

All in all its an amazing journey our beer is a part of and I guess you could even say, farm to glass, to farm, to table would be appropriate?