October 9, 2017

How was your Thanksgiving??  Mine was pretty darn awesome,  Jeff and I headed over to Prince Rupert to grab a few pieces of our set up.  We got to hang out with Wheelhouse crew, talk beer, brewing and relive some old memories!  We are even bringing some of the original Plan B brew equipment back to the Valley! How neat is that.  We have demoed most of the inside of the old D2D  building and have started to set up the gear!   The excitement is brewing for sure. 



September 25, 2017

All of our equipment is ordered and we will start renovations on Oct 1st !   |f you know anyone who likes to help build, create, destroy or just lend a hand,  please let us know! We will be looking for helpers and volunteers to make sure this thing is up and running as soon as possible! 

If you'd like to help out in anyway please contact us at: info@bulklelyvalleybrewery.com

Also, we WANT YOUR OPINION!   You're on our website, so please give us your VOTE.   We have a cool little survey going on at thebottom of our home page.   So head here: https://www.bulkleyvalleybrewery.ca  and let us know what beers you want us to be making!  

Do you have any rad pictures? We want to showcase our piece of paradise. So if you have any pictures of you, friends, family or just great scenery shots that you would like to see on our site.  Please send them to info@bulkleyvalleybrewery.com just tag where/what the picture is and let us know who took it ! 



July 31, 2017

Well, we had our first taster night at Dawn 2 Dusk with two different types of beer. We also donated some of our homebrew to a local archery tournament.  We had a Saison, and an Extra Special Bitter for the D2D night. Then a Red and a Hefe for the Archery tournament. The Feedback was GREAT. Our first tasting night was a late one, with people staying till around one in the morning, drinking, socializing, and meeting new people; it was a really fun crowd.  We had a bunch of hats to give away, stickers, a friend made a fancy Charcuterie plate, and Wash Cold clothing even Donated a shirt and re-usable bag to the night.  If you have not checked out Wash Cold clothing, please do.  She is a local girl that hand paints the screen print designs for her various pieces. Really nice unique designs. The verdict? People at the taster thought the Saison was a really easy drinking beer that went down smooth.  The ESB, despite being a beer that our attendees may not have typically liked, thought it was done really well. The red was a palate pleaser, but it was the Hefe that won the weekend! It was praised by EVERYONE. The feedback was a little overwhelming to be honest. We have now been approved by all levels of government, so we can start to buy our equipment. An 8-10 week process and then we are off to the races! Once we renovate the current D2D building, and get the equipment in place, we have an inspection and to get our final approvals.  Web-site is also up, Facebook page and Instagram.  We are going to be looking for Local photos of scenery and activities you can do in the BV, so keep that in mind for the rest of summer and send them in for them to be featured on our site! Also we can now open up to Investors, if anyone thinks that selling beer is a good business, and would like to invest to see an awesome return.  Please get in touch with me. We have the money we need to get going,  but would be really great to have a little extra to buy things like a canning machine.