Frequent Questions


Do you ever do tours of the brewery?

Yes, we can definitely let you have a closer look behind the scenes. Though we don't necessarily brew on scheduled days we do ask that tours be booked at least a week in advance and only 5 people at a time due to the size of our space.

Do you serve food?

We sure do! We have an assortment of snacks and light meals from local eateries in town.

Can I bring in my own food?

You sure can! Order a pizza, grab some sushi and come by for a beer.

Do I have to make a reservation?

We are a first come first serve kind of place. However, there is usually a place to sit or even stand and enjoy our beer.

Do you rent your space for events or parties? 

Our tasting room is available for any party or private function you may be planning. Please contact us at for more information and availability.

If I'm hosting an event, can you supply a keg?

Absolutely! We have 20L and 50L kegs available. The availability of certain beers will change throughout the year so please contact us for more info.

Are children allowed in the brewery?

They sure are! As long as they are accompanied by a guardian they can stay until 10 PM.

How long does beer stay fresh in a growler?

Once opened they are best consumed within a day or two. If you purchase it and keep your growler cold it will stay fresh up to a week. But who lets beer sit around that long anyways!