Suskwa Saison

When you come to the Bulkley Valley in the summer,  you are could be coming for numerous reason, but most likely you are here for fishing.  The Suskwa River is a little bit of Legend around here for how bad the fishing is. It is absolutely terrible there and you should not go.  It’s super hard to get to you, with incredibly steep river banks and you will probably get lost or hurt.  So it’s best just to stick to the known Fishing spots.  This is a beer that makes you think summer!  It’s gorgeous colour to refreshing taste this is the beer you want to have when it is cooking hot outside and you need something refreshing. 

Tasters Notes: A hazy Saison that will blow you away with its aroma, but gives way to a light body that refreshes the palate with every sip. A mild fun rounds out the citrus notes and finishes with a little spice.

Northern Jewel Haskap Wheat Ale

Made from locally grown Haskap berries from our friends at Living Roots Family Farm.  We call it the Jewel for two reasons;  the colour shines like a sapphire and the Haskap berry is a nutritional jewel!.   Packing more antioxidants than blueberries, promoting longevity and good eyesight.  With these Haskaps, it pretty much makes this beer a health drink – a true jewel of a find.

Tasters Notes:  Haskaps have been best described as a blueberry with a raspberry finish. Making this beer tasty with a slight sour after taste. A simple American wheat beer base hat has been macerated with Haskaps, giving it a light rose coloured hue. Very lightly hopped with Saaz and Amarillo hops, the berry intensifies these characteristics giving it a more full bodied feel. This beer has a great effervescence and begs to be enjoyed in the sunshine!

ABV - 5.2%
IBU - 21


What does the E stand for in IPA? Well in Northern BC we could not survive without our seasonal workers.  The forestry workers, tree planters, wildfire fighters,  exploration,  pavers work so hard all summer, and then enjoy a more relaxed off-season of employment insurance because they have earned it! These seasonal workers usually become the winter warriors we find everyday out in the backcountry, or on the hill. 

Tasters Notes:  A Golden Westcoast IPA with an aroma that screams Orange and Tropical fruit, but is layered with spice and herbal notes.   This IPA gets it’s backbone from Summit and Magnum hops while being rounded out by Amarillo and Cascade hops through the boil and heavily dry hopped after fermentation.  A Great beer for any time of year, whether you are working or not.       

ABV - 6.2%
IBU - 61

Rippie Red Ale

This is a BC Beer,  but the Bulkley Valley has the perfect community to bear this beer's name. No long stories or history of the Bulkley Valley, just our recognition of the incredible symbiotic relationship that has formed up here. The Bulkley Valley has that perfect magical mix, of Rednecks and Hippy’s.  They all hang out at times, Hippy’s get their Redneck on wrenching on a sled, and Rednecks may even hoist a glass of kombucha. So up here,  we call that mix a RIPPIE. That’s what this beer is, a beautiful mix of flavour that will please the craft beer enthusiast, but an easy drinking beer for when you want you like to drink a few more. 

Taster Notes: This malty glass of deliciousness is a medium bodied ale showcasing Munich malts with a delicate blend of East Kent golding and Willamette hops.  A Spicy Orange zest aroma gives way to a slightly sweet biscuit character, finished with a clean English Ale yeast.  This Beer is best enjoyed in the forest and it don’t matter whether you’re trying to cut them down or save them.

ABV - 5.2%  
IBU - 22

Ullr Oatmeal Stout

Ullr, the Nordic god of winter, hunting and safe travels, all things we take very seriously here in the North. Ullr is seen on ski resorts worldwide and backcountry skiers usually sport his image on their pack, or wear his medallion. They celebrate his name throughout winter by burning skis or huge bonfires, in hopes the particulate will help the flakes form. Legend has it that Bulkley Valley Brewery was delayed on their original opening date and everything was a bit behind. However, they committed to making a stout though spring was afoot. Ullr’s Stout was released and a 20 cm storm hit that evening and it continued to snow for two weeks! The end of the season was truly epic and Ullr was pleased. Now instead of instead of burning skis,  the Nordic god just want you to tip one back in his name!  Praise Ullr!

Tasters Notes:  A rich dark stout that melts in your mouth. With roasted malts that create a splash of chocolate and a generous dose of coffee flavor, this will be sure to warm you on a cool day. Hopped with East Kent Golding hops which give it a great mouth feel and overall balance.  A delicious breakfast beer to toast the god of the fluffy white stuff during après.

ABV - 6%
IBU - 23

Broken Arrow Golden Ale


Broken Arrow is the military call sign describing an accident with a nuclear weapon. On the eve of Valentine's Day, 1950, an American B-36 bomber-loaded with an atomic bomb, flew into the frozen night on a simulated bombing run from Alaska to San Francisco. The engines failed suddenly and the crew, before parachuting into the rugged terrain of northern British Columbia, set the autopilot to take the aircraft far out to sea. Losing track of the plane, this became the first “Broken Arrow” in History. What does this have to do with our area?  While on autopilot, the plane made a loop over the ocean and veered inland to crash onto Kologet Mountain in the Kispiox Valley unbeknownst to everyone. The wreckage was stumbled upon in 1953,  and immediately reported. The US Military special task force was thwarted on their first attempt to reach the wreckage. After 19 days in the rugged wilderness they turned back. In 1954 another attempt was launched, this time successful, and they destroyed all visible pieces of the plan that were above the snow. The site was kept a secret for the next 40 years only to be discovered by local intrepid climbers and wayward hikers. 

Tasters Notes:  This is our gateway beer,  it bridges the gap for those who have not yet ventured into the craft beer flavor world.  Brewed with classic Saaz hops and Kolsch yeast which gives it a unique and refreshing profile. While its light and fruity esters and bone dry finish make it an easy drinking flavorful beer for when you want something tasty that falls between the Malt Bomb and Hop Triangle of the beer world.

ABV - 4.5%
IBU - 20

Prospect Dry, Tod Creek Cider


We take apples, squish them, add some yeast, let it sit for four to six months, then bottle it with a little bit of fizziness to really
make it lively in the mouth. Every batch is a little different, as its always dependant on the blend of apples, and the unique
fermentation process every time. A perfect dry cider.
ABV - 6%